Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Interactive Notebook and Test Corrections • Due Thursday, April 16

April 14th, a.d. 2015

Due on Thursday:
1.  Test Corrections for Chapter 8 Test

2.  Interactive Notebook

Make sure you have completed all questions and summaries for the essential questions in Chapter 7 and Chapter 8 (see below)

Interactive Notebook Due Thursday
Complete the questions and summaries for Chapter 7 and 8

7.1  Integers and Exponents
What are the properties of exponents?

7.2  Roots and Radicals
What are the properties of roots and radicals?

7.6  Exponents and roots
What is the relationship between exponents and roots?

8.1  Complex Numbers
What are complex numbers and how do we work with them?

8.2 Quadratic Equations
What are the different ways to solve quadratic equations?

8.3  Completing Square
{E.Q. is a continuation of the E.Q. for 8.2}

8.4  Quadratic Formula
{E.Q. is a continuation of the E.Q. for 8.2}

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